Giving Back is something very close to my heart.

Posted October 2, 2017
Written by Melissa

I’ve always been involved in charitable causes and I’ve always tried to keep my passion for the community, for gender equality and diversity at the center of my work.

My previous role as a Grade 7/8 teacher and the Masters of Education studies showed me the importance of guidance, support and care to young people during their formative years.

I’m passionate about the need to believe in and support Canada’s young people, and particularly young girls, so that they are empowered and confident enough to face the next step of their lives and development, fully-prepared to realize their full potential.

For this reason, I’m heavily involved with GEM, or Girls E-Mentorship Canada, an organization that mentors girls facing obstacles to work towards their goals and aspirations.

GEM also focuses on helping girls along their post-secondary experiences, whether that’s university placement or an entrance into the workplace. I believe that a generation of empowered, creative and confident young women will offer Canada a brighter future.

I’m also very proud to be the celebrity ambassador for the Prince’s Trust Canada since 2014.

The Prince’s Trust is Price Charles’ Canadian charitable arm and has three broad aims; entrepreneurship training for former Canadian military, revitalizing and rebuilding Canada’s Indigenous communities and languages, and helping young people build their confidence through employability programs.

The Prince’s Trust gives me the chance to have a hands-on role in promoting causes that I believe are vital to our country. It also lets me meet and speak to the people that the charity is supporting – something I love to do! – and allows me to learn more about some of Canada’s pressing charity issues.

If you’d like more information on the charitable causes close to my heart or would like to propose a charitable collaboration then please get in touch.

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