My morning and night time beauty routine!

Posted October 2, 2017
Written by Melissa

I’ll admit it; I barely had a skincare or beauty routine until I was around 35 – you could say I was a late bloomer!

It was my former co-host, eTalk’s Traci Melchor, who warned me that I wouldn’t be able to get away with that for much longer. Since then, I’ve found fantastic products that are effective for my needs and very easy to use. While yes, I want to look great, I do not have a lot of time to spend in front of the bathroom mirror. Beauty products that are easy to use are key to me!

My morning routine is simple.

I use foam facial cleanser before antioxidant facial spray and then I apply tinted moisturizer with UV50 sun protection. This prepares my skin for the television make-up that’s to come! Fun!

If I’m attending an event after work and need extra UV protection, I use a spray-on SPF mist to give me a boost and keep my make-up set in place well.

But my evening routine is more laborious;

TV make-up is no joke to remove!

First step is an oil pre-cleanser that I apply and activate with warm water. It emulsifies all the layers of eye make-up, foundation, concealer and powder. I rinse that off.

Next, I use a daily micro-exfoliant that does the deep cleansing of my pores and gives my skin a smooth, luminous feel. Again, I use a bit of warm water to activate the product and rinse.

Finally, I use the same foam cleanser that I use in the morning for my last cleansing step. And here comes the fun part! I apply a deep-acting eye cream, 10% glycolic acid serum and finally a deep moisture serum to fight the wrinkles and hydrate my skin after a day spent in full make-up. I let it all soak in while I’m reading or watching the nightly news.

YOU’RE UP! What are your go-to beauty routines or rituals?

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