New Beginning for Homeless Classical Music Performer

Posted October 7, 2019
Written by Melissa Grelo

Emily Zamourka says that Los Angeles really is the City of Angels.

From being captured on camera singing opera on the Los Angeles subway by the Los Angeles Police Department last week to becoming a viral sensation overnight, to fielding record deal offers from the industry’s best, Zamourka feels like she can finally get her life back on track.

The 52-year-old musician and former piano teacher began experiencing serious health problems a decade ago. She struggled financially and started performing on the street for extra cash when somebody stole and destroyed her $10,000 violin. That’s when, she says, she fell into homelessness.

Enter the LAPD and their Twitter account. A policeman known only as “Officer Frazier” was on duty and asked to record Zamourka to post to the department’s Twitter account. Just one day and millions of views later, she received numerous donations and offers of singing gigs.

Los Angeles councilman Joe Buscaino helped organize the grand opening of the Historic Little Italy district in San Pedro, LA and invited Zamourka to do a performance in front of thousands of spectators and fans. He and his staff have stepped in to help the singer by paying her $700 for the performance and helping her secure housing. They’ve also started a GoFundMe campaign that’s already raised over $73,000.

Zamourka was offered a recording contract from music producer Joel Diamond but says she’s taking it slow and evaluating all her options. She says more than anything, she just wants to return to her normal life as a working artist.

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  • Heather says:

    WOW, what a voice. This truly is an amazing daily lift. Her talent is phenomenal and it’s so good to see that the police force, and others, truly cared about helping her. So many can learn from this. Wonderful!

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