Non-profit Finds Jobs for the Homeless

Posted October 6, 2019
Written by Melissa Grelo

Call it a win-win-win situation.

More than 100 homeless people have found meaningful employment by helping to clean up Austin, Texas. The Other Ones Foundation non-profit organization began last October with the goal of cleaning up the city by employing homeless people and reducing panhandling. So far, 60 tons of trash has been collected and $100,000 of earned income has been paid out to employees.

“When they come in, there’s so much desperation, so much isolation,” said Chris Baker, the executive director of the non-profit. “They become a member of our community and then they really start taking the steps necessary to get into the housing to get full-time jobs.”

Baker says there is a waiting list of over 100 people looking to join the program. He hopes to increase the non-profit three-fold to be able to offer more jobs and continue to keep Austin clean.

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