“The world is a classroom:” Why we love to travel!

Posted October 2, 2017
Written by Melissa

RYAN: “I like to travel to make new memories with my family, to enjoy different cuisines, learn about new cultures and to relax!”

MARQUESA: “Because I like the heat!”

When I was young, my family rarely travelled. My dad had a busy horse farm to keep running, so vacations were far and few between.

Though when I was a child I couldn’t go to see the world, on the farm, the world came to me.

My dad would host people from around the world! As a young girl, it was so exciting to meet people from these far flung places. The Consul General of Bolivia, businessmen from Mexico City, a couple from the United Kingdom and bullfighters from Spain are just a few of those who I can still remember. Even the environmental lawyer from British Columbia seemed exotic at the time!

My imagination took my on wild adventures around the world, inspired by the people I met. I dreamed that these places were beautiful paradises replete with lush greenery and wildlife. And of course, as a young horse-lover, horses we always part of these dreams!

My own family connections are spread across the globe, too. From Portugal to the Philippines, and France and the United States, I seem to have family from all over!

Dreaming of distant locations pushed me to seek my own adventures. As soon as I could afford to travel, I did. My first trips, undertaken in my early 20s, were not the glamorous journeys that I might be able to enjoy today. Every dollar was stretched, every day meticulously budgeted for.

I learned how much of a hard-earned privilege travel is and how lucky I was to be able to experience these previously unknown vistas, cultures and lives.

But more important, I learned how similar we are in our wants and needs – especially in our desires for our family. We all want happiness and health, safety and security. We all want love and to be loved. In the end, it’s pretty simple. We’re so much more alike than we are different, regardless of time zones, languages or borders.

EGYPT – PYRAMIDS: Absolutely stunning and so much bigger than I expected. And the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence!

GREECE – CORFU, SANTORINI: Beautiful, idyllic island locations. Absolutely picture-perfect.

BARCELONA – ARCHITECTURE, FOOD: The architecture of Barcelona is so incredible and the Sagrada Familia has to the stand-out spectacle. What colours!

SOUTH OF FRANCE + MONACO – F1 RACE TRACK, YACHTS, CANNES, NICE: Living the high-life in Monaco. Nothing here is done by halves!

ITALY – ROME: Is there another city on earth like Rome? The mark of history on every corner made Rome a very special place for me.

Another reason this Canadian loves to travel? To chase the sun, of course! I’m a summer baby and sea, sun and sand are deeply embedded in my DNA.

BABYMOON IN THE BAHAMAS: I had the most amazing travelling experience in the Bahamas while pregnant with Marquesa.

FLORIDA: Who doesn’t love soaking up the rays in the Sunshine State?

ARUBA: The whitest beaches and the pinkest flamingos! A real paradise.

TURKS AND CAICOS: When people imagine an island paradise, this is where they think of!

JAMAICA: Incredible food, stunning beaches and wonderful people. What didn’t I love about Jamaica?

YOU’RE UP! Which destinations do you love and suggest visiting with kids?

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